During your stay here in Canada, we hope to connect you with Canadian students, families, and other international students from around the world!

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'One on One' Friendship Partners

One international student matched with one Canadian volunteer”.

A friendship partner is there to be your friend and to answer your questions about Canadian culture, English language and more;  they help you navigate new foods, different weather, etc.

One on One Friendship Partners are available online or face to face.

What students have said:

“My friendship partner gave me confidence to connect with Canadians”

“My friendship partner made me miss my family back home less.”

Would you like a Friendship Partner?

Monthly International Student Dinner and Activity Evening

Monthly dinner events where you can enjoy good food and meet other international students. Check Upcoming Events for date and location.

Friends for Dinner

Friends for Dinner is an initiative led by local churches to connect  Canadians with international students in order to show them hospitality and build friendships during special holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.)

Check out details on Upcoming Events!

Sports Nights, Outings and Social Activities

These are hosted by groups from the community, and typically involve a mixture of international students and local Canadians.

Check out the ‘Upcoming Events‘ section!


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